Students and educators accomplish amazing things together.

At Three Ring, we believe that students and teachers accomplish amazing things in their classrooms that can’t be captured on a bubble sheet. Projects, performances, scratch work, class discussions, chalkboard sessions; all of the work students do in the classroom and beyond is authentic, rich evidence of their growth.  

Three Ring is working to be the best environment for capturing, organizing, and surfacing these artifacts in a digital space. When authentic learning is captured and shared in a central ecosystem, students can benefit from quality feedback, reflect on their work, and feel pride and ownership in their learning. Educators in turn can reflect on their craft and seek feedback from mentors and peers.

Three Ring’s technology platform supports the effective pedagogical practices that great teachers and administrators have put to work for generations.  Our easy-to-use tools allow all stakeholders, from parents to school and district administrators, a better view of the wonderful things that learners and educators accomplish together.

Three Ring, Inc.

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