Legal Notices

Three Ring helps educators use qualitative evidence, captured directly by and for students and educators, to show student growth and learning over time. We support that work through our Student Work Platform, which is available to authorized and registered users through login links hosted on this website.

We also operate a business. This public site is our primary forum for marketing our products and for disseminating information to a wide audience that includes educators, investors, job-seekers, potential customers, industry onlookers, and many more.

We never mix these two contexts. For that reason, we provide two sets of legal notices, each consisting of a privacy policy and the terms of use, that are tailored to be appropriate for each context.

For legal notices about the Three Ring Student Work Platform, please read our Platform Privacy Policy and the associated Platform Acceptable Use Policy.

For legal notices about the Public Site, please read the Public Site Privacy Policy and the corresponding Public Site Terms of Use.

We also openly disclose our business model and how it impacts our privacy policies. Three Ring builds its business by selling our Student Work Platform to schools and districts under a software-as-a-service license model.We allow a limited number of teachers to apply to participate in our Three Ring Labs program, which is free for those accepted. We are currently developing the application process and will be making more announcements soon. We do not sell education data from any user of our product, and encourage you to read the Platform Privacy Policy and Platform Acceptable Use Policy to learn more.