A Three Ring Timeline:

Speaking and Listening in Grade 5.


Meet Brianna. Today in social studies, she is arguing that the Continental Congress should vote for independence.

The class secretary documents Brianna’s speech on Three Ring. Afterwards, the class watches it together, pausing to give peer feedback connected directly to the evidence.

Brianna’s teacher uses Three Ring to share the speech with her parents that same day. They watch it at work or at home on their phone or computer.

Later that day, the Principal is browsing Three Ring and watches Brianna’s speech. She shows it to another teacher as an example learning activity.


Brianna gives her next speech in Social Studies about two months later. In preparation, she uses Three Ring to watch her old speech and review the feedback she received. She decides to focus on her hand gestures, posture, and confidence during this speech.

Afterward, the teacher asks Brianna to watch both speeches again and write a short reflection piece. Brianna is able to provide specific evidence of her growth referencing the two videos.


A district instructional coach finds Brianna’s videos, peer reviews, and reflections. She plans to use these artifacts to present a case study on growth in Speaking and Listening at the next PD meeting.

Her teacher tagged Brianna’s speeches and reflection as good examples of “Content Knowledge in Social Studies.” She also notes that Brianna has improved in the CCSS ELA strand, Speaking and Listening. The evidence is organized and always available to the appropriate stakeholders.


When Brianna moves to the new middle school, a her new English Language Arts teacher can see her speeches and other prior Speaking & Listening evidence, forming a baseline for future instruction.

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