The first Student Work Platform

purpose-built for education

A mobile workflow designed in collaboration with teachers

  • Students, teachers, and administrators can all capture evidence live from any mobile device
  • Unlimited storage of video, pictures, documents and more saves space on your phone or tablet while respecting student privacy
  • Organize as you go so there is never a backlog

Three Ring provides apps for every device:

Three Ring puts student work at your fingertips

  • Work is organized, accessible from any device, and easy to search
  • View by student, class, date, standard/content or combine fields for powerful insights
  • Zoom in to use examples for instruction, planning, or professional development
  • Give feedback and watch students grow

Privacy by design

  • Teachers and administrators control sharing to protect sensitive data
  • Parents see only what they are supposed to; work is never publicly available
  • Roles and permissions ensure an appropriate experience for every stakeholder

Every stakeholder benefits from direct evidence of learning


  • Capture and self-report evidence of what you’ve learned
  • Take pride in your work and feel ownership over your learning
  • Get descriptive feedback on concrete evidence from your projects and performances


  • Assess growth using real projects, performances, and work: goodbye bubbles and hello authentic assessment
  • Simple workflow and organization help you reduce clutter, files, and copying: send work home to parents and keep it for yourself!
  • Video made easy, no more messy email attachments or jammed up hard drives
  • Show instead of tell using qualitative evidence to anchor feedback


  • Answer the old question: “What did you do at school today?”
  • See your child’s learning and growth, not just their grades
  • Connect to the classroom and help your student learn


  • Three Ring provides you a window into your classrooms
  • Identify and share great practice and innovative approaches to learning
  • Support your teachers by focusing on authentic feedback tied back to real examples of student work
  • Access this evidence at your desk, while on the move, or whenever you need it
  • Keep track of work and growth even as students move from class to class, year to year, and school to school

Learn how to implement Three Ring in your classrooms